Friday, February 27, 2009

GCASA employee longevity contributes to great service!

I asked GCASA staff what they thought about working at GCASA? How are we doing from a human resources management perspective. I got some interesting feedback.

One employee said that she is amazed at the number of employees who came to GCASA right out of college and who have stayed here for a number of years because of the work opportunities to try new things, grow in their jobs, and professional develop in the agency.

I asked Kim Corcoran, GCASA's Director of Human Resources, to do a little research on the longevity and here is what she found out.

Out of 97 employees, 37% or 36 have been at GCASA 6 years or longer.

Out of 97 employees, 9% or 9 have been at GCASA 11 years or longer.

Out of 97 employees, 6% or 6 have been at GCASA 16 years or longer.

I don't know how this compares to other community based non-profit substance abuse agencies, but it strikes me as unusually good. Having long term dedicated employees enables GCASA to provide high quality, caring services to its clients and referral agents.

Recently, I have heard of a lot of other agencies which have had high turnovers of staff which is very disruptive to clients, agency operations, and collaborative relationships with other providers.

GCASA can be very proud of creating work environments and work teams where people are engaged, enthusiastic, and care about their work.

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