Thursday, February 12, 2009

In 2008, 23 of GCASA's admissions came from Monroe County.

In 2008, GCASA admitted 23 patients from Monroe County in its outpatient services. GCASA operates satellites in Holley, NY and in LeRoy, NY which may be attractive to Monroe County residents.

GCASA's Orleans clinic admitted 16 patients in 2008: 10 from Brockport, 5 from Hamlin, and 1 from Adams Basin.

GCASA's Genesee Clinic admitted 7 patients in 2008: 4 from Rochester, 1 from Scottsdale, 1 from Hamlin, and 1 from Churchville.

There are many reasons why patients might want to seek treatment out of county: geographical proximity, anonimity, good reputation, etc.

Counties increasingly have rules about not wanting their Medicaid recipients to go out of county for services. In some instances this enhances the quality of care by increasing coordination and continuity of care, and in some instances it works against good care. Unfortunately, these policies and procedures are implemented in bureaucratic ways to save money and at times these policies and procedures are not in the best interests of the patient.

This is article #5 in a series on 2008 GCASA admissions data.

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