Tuesday, February 10, 2009

22% of GCASA's 2008 admissions are 21 and younger

In 2008, 22% of GCASA's admissions, or 241 out of 1,094, were 21 years of age or younger.

Also, 3% of GCASA's admissions, or 31 out of 1,094, were 56 or older.

Clearly, GCASA is serving many more adolescents than older people. Lynette Lex, M.S., ATR, and Holly Main, L.C.S.W. do a great job serving adolescents in the Batavia Clinic, and Sarah Edwards, CASAC is the adolescent counselor in Albion.

You can reach Lynette and Holly at 585-343-1124 and Sarah Edwards at 585-589-0055.

GCASA has been assessing the need for specialized services for seniors. In our prevention program we have developed a "Senior Spice" program which offers services on Caregiver Support and other chemcial free recreational activities. Also, a group of seniors is very active as volunteers. For more information on Senior Spice contact Mike Laycock at 585-815-1874.

This is article #3 in a series on 2008 GCASA admission statistics.

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